lördag 5 september 2009

Lördagens fotojakt:

PhotoHunt-theme: ORANGE (Fotojakt-tema: BRANDGUL)

Five-year-old Elisabet is wearing an ORANGE tee-shirt
and holding an ORANGE-haired Pippi Longstocking doll.
Femåriga Elisabet har en ORANGE-färgad t-tröja på sig och
håller i en Pippi Långstrump docka som har ORANGE-färgat hår.



RJ Flamingo said...

Super orangey! Love these!

Tina said...

Thank you!

rdl said...

very cute orange!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That's an exquisite object, color doesn't really matter. But it's orange indeed.

Have a great weekend.

kaye said...

cute! my photo hunt is here Thanks

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness, Elisabet is soooo adorable! My Mommeh remembers the Pippi Longstocking books when she was growing up!

CRIZ LAI said...

Both of them are cute! :)



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