lördag 8 maj 2010

PhotoHunt Theme # 212 "Mother" / Fotojakttema nr 212 "Mor"

This week's PhotoHunt Theme #212 is "Mother/Mom"/Veckan's Fotojakttema är "Mor/Mamma/Mödrar":

Not having the right photo of a mother, I decided to simply give all mothers everywhere, a rose. / Eftersom jag inte har rätt fotografiskt material, med t.ex en bild på en mor, vill jag i all enkelhet hylla alla mödrar med en ros.
Happy weekend! /Trevlig Helg!



Hootin' Anni said...

That is very kind of you...thank you. It's beautiful.

Happy Mother's Day.
Mine is a collage of photos, my mom, me and my daughter.


TorAa said...

Very creative solution, I must say.
Wonderful Rose.

btw. Følger du den nordiske ABC i ord og bilder?

Manang Kim said...

Awesome! That is beautiful! Happy mothers day!

Mother Nature

Scott said...

A very clever way to handle this theme. I will pass it on to my wife.

Tina said...

@Hootin' Anni- Thanks for stopping by! I like your collage. I wanted to do something like that. Maybe later!

@TorAa - Thank you for you comment.
Nej jag känner inte till att det finns ett nordiskt abc-spel. Jag ska undersöka saken. Det vore lättare att spela på svenska på Tina's blogg, som är tänkt som en enbart svenskspråkig sida. Tack för tipset!

@Manang Kim - Thank you for commenting. My little rose is not what I had hoped it to be, but it does express beauty and a kind thought.

@Scott - Thank you Scott! Please pass it on to your wife. Sometimes I just have to make do with the photos that I already have taken earlier. (I only use my own photos. I am the photographer for this and my other blogs and shops.) Time may be short or there are things happening in my "off-line-life" that need my immediate attention. My blogs have to take a back seat to the needs of the children.
Give your sweet wife an extra hug from me!

Best wishes to you all, you sweet people!

Rebecca said...

Very beautiful! Thanks!


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