lördag 15 maj 2010

PhotoHunt theme #213 / Fotojakttema nr 213 -"Half" / "Hälften"

This week's PhotoHunt Theme is "Half". Here are two examples of leftover halves of desserts. First, Elisabet's pancake-layer-torte here:
Veckans fotojakttema är "Hälten". Här är två exempel på efterrätter med hälften kvar, dels Elisabets födelsedagspannkakstårta här:

And Michael's pirate birthday cake:

Och dels Michaels sjörövarfödelsedagstårta:

Happy Weekend!
Trevlig helg!


Sarah said...

Oh that pancake dessert looks delicious!!

gorgeous nelly said...

Yummy! I love the first photo.

Happy Weekend. My half entry is posted.

magiceye said...

yummy takes on the theme!

Life Ramblings said...

the pancake sure looks yummy. Happy PH!

Alice Audrey said...

The torte looks wonderful. Great skull on the cake, too.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm sure it didn't take you long to eat the other halves!

ian said...

now i'm craving for some sweets =0 i'd gladly eat that half of a cake please =]

e-Mom said...

Fun! I love it! Half-baked???

Happy Photohunting...

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Rebecca said...

Well that gives me a great idea! That's just perfect, now I know what to do with leftover pancakes and it looks yummy!


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